Abusive Love

Rating: 4.9
Every night I go and run for cover,
Because mommy and daddy keep yelling at each other.
Then daddy comes in and hits me,
Mommy doesn't come home 'til three.
These black and blue spots never go away,
My teachers ask questions and I don't know what to say.
These bruises never seem to disappear,
I can't even stand to look in the mirror.
I go and hide every night,
Just so I'm not in daddy's sight.
Glasses being thrown, mirrors breaking,
Blood being shed, My bones aching.
I don't want to be hit any longer,
Because daddy's only getting stronger.
I hate the sound of his hard smack,
How many times I've been hit, after 109 I lost track.
Daddy....... He never seems to miss,
And none of my cuts, scars or bruises ever gets a kiss.
The abuse is the worst thing I have ever felt,
Especially when he gets me with his belt.
I'm trying to make plans to get out of this hell,
How I'm going to do it..... I hope daddy can never tell.
I hope my plans help me get away,
Because I can't stay here and act like everyhting's okay.
Maybe when i leave, daddy will see I love him more than ever,
But I can't stay here and hurt 'til the end of forever.
Monday, January 19, 2009
Aleksandra Lachut 07 February 2009
I also related to this poem because it reminded me of the day when i got assaulted.
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Nesa S 03 February 2009
OH..... I loved it so much! ! ! My dad used to abuse me a lot. Even though we do not have a good relationship, I still have a really good relationship with my mother because that is the only person (besides my relatives and siblings and stuff) who cares about me. I want to thank you for writing this because it was wonderful to read. THANK YOU! ! ! ! ! GOD BLESS YOU! ! ! !
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John Smith 21 January 2009
WOWW! ! Literally blown away! Took on a massive topic and covered it very impressively! Amzingly brave.10 +++
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you are very talented. I ca only hope those words are not true
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Dear Tiffany, they say that realistic, simple and direct poetry is the best. I agree, and this is what you did. I will remember this poem for years to come, for I had the same experience, and because my dad is now getting stronger, to, , in my mind. Thank you for touching me so deeply, it's been a while...
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Ency Bearis 20 January 2009
sad poem..well expressed and written well..the rhymes well emphasized..very good..10
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Alison Cassidy 19 January 2009
This is a poetic cry for help written with intensity and a good feel for rhyme. You certainly have a talent for expressing yourself in verse. I look forward to reading more of your work. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Elena Winters 19 January 2009
i can see the whip of the belt, the red of your skin, the cry in agony i have to close my eyes after i read the last lines i feel so helpless at this point you touched me at the core of my heart.......this is a devestating position to be in i can only pray for you and you deserve a trillion for this piece honest poetry 10
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Tyler Dee 19 January 2009
wow, compared to this my poem is shit: ( good job :) very deep
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Ken Suh 19 January 2009
Wow! how is ALLL Of your peoms so good? ? ? ? ? jk lol But really this is EXCELLENT :)
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