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Every night I go and run for cover,
Because mommy and daddy keep yelling at each other.
Then daddy comes in and hits me,
Mommy doesn't come home 'til three.


I can feel your tongue on me,
Wet saliva on my lips, cheeks, chest, legs.
Everywhere is shaking,
From hurt, anger, dizziness and loss.

You are my Mickey to my Minnie,
My Donald to my Daisy.
Baby, I love you,
You don't know how you amaze me.

Blue is for your eyes,
Black for your hair.
Green for your shirt that I have,
Red for your heart that gave me love.

The hurting, the laughing, the love,
It's YOU.
My happiness from the Father above,
It's YOU.

A gain with the pain,
B eing left alone.
C rying in the rain,
D escending like stone.

My life has been nothing but a waste,
Everything I thought I loved has lost interest, color, and taste.
There is no end to this hell called life,
Nothing I want to do but make use of this knife.

Now as I watch from heaven,
I can see everything!
My rapist, family, boyfriend.....Everything,
It hurts to watch them!

Her first love was great,
And her second was even better.
She thought it was awesome,
When she got her first love letter.

Our love started out as a Red Rose Bud,
So pure and lovely.
Grew to be a Red Rose,
With love and respect.

Yesterday you were here,
Today you were gone.
Yesterday you promised to be near,
But tomorrow waited too long.

This pain is starting to subside,
No longer will i have to go and hide.
The crying is no longer,
And as for my heart.... It's so much stronger.

He ripped my heart in two halves,
No more kisses, hugs or laughs.
My heart was one, now it's two,
This poem is real, and 100% true.

Baby, you make me happier than you will ever know,
It's as if Cupid has hit with his arrow and bow.
We met a few hours before the time it is now,
We're going to make this work, I'm not yet sure how.


I'm athletic,
With the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen.
If you take a look,
You'll know what I mean.

What is it that makes me feel this way,
Is it those harsh words that you say?
I cannot face these words any longer,
They only make me weaker and not any stronger.


Chemo's through,
Onto bone marrow.
The odds are horrible,
But there are no more options.

Death comes, and death strikes,
It comes and takes our lives.
Death can come and get anyone at all,
Watch your step, be careful of the eternal fall.

MY life sort of revolves around YOU,
YOU are my LOVE.
LOVE is a great FEELING,

You help me when I am sad,
Comfort me when I am alone.
You're there when I have cravings,
Sweeter than anything I've ever known.

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I'm 14! ! ! ! Poems aren't just writing, they're a way of life! ! ! ! what you feel goes in it and you can always hold it near and dear to your heart..... I may only be 14 but i know alot about loss, more than any girl my age should know! ! ! my poems are about sorrow and boyfriends and things like that... I write whenever I'm not sleeping or at practice or a game for the three sports I play)

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Abusive Love

Every night I go and run for cover,
Because mommy and daddy keep yelling at each other.
Then daddy comes in and hits me,
Mommy doesn't come home 'til three.
These black and blue spots never go away,
My teachers ask questions and I don't know what to say.
These bruises never seem to disappear,
I can't even stand to look in the mirror.
I go and hide every night,
Just so I'm not in daddy's sight.
Glasses being thrown, mirrors breaking,
Blood being shed, My bones aching.
I don't want to be hit any longer,
Because daddy's only getting stronger.
I hate the sound of his hard smack,
How many times I've been hit, after 109 I lost track.
Daddy....... He never seems to miss,
And none of my cuts, scars or bruises ever gets a kiss.
The abuse is the worst thing I have ever felt,
Especially when he gets me with his belt.
I'm trying to make plans to get out of this hell,
How I'm going to do it..... I hope daddy can never tell.
I hope my plans help me get away,
Because I can't stay here and act like everyhting's okay.
Maybe when i leave, daddy will see I love him more than ever,
But I can't stay here and hurt 'til the end of forever.

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