Accept Me For Who I Truely Am

when will ppl start to accept me,
for who i am,
instead of who i pretend to be at times,
when are they going to see,
this is not all of me,
all that meet the eye,
there is more of me,
good and bad,
you can't just choose what you like,
and expect me to be alright,
i have feeling like everybody else,
i want to be accepted for my past,
not to feel like i have cooties,
my past is not completely who i am,
it just apart of me,
yes it makes me afraid to do things,
but it doesn't not mean,
i can't work towards them,
to make them better,
so i don't get controlled by it,
it not like i am damage goods,
just waiting to be recycled,
i didn't have a choice,
why don't ppl see that?
my innocents was taken,
along with my trust,
it the reason i do have problems trusting,
but it don't mean i won't get past it,
it just means i have to try alittle bit harder,
all i need is that one person by my side,
at least walking through it with me,
than with time it will get better,
it will become easier to do,
what i want to do so freely,
without it feeling like a punishment,
i wait for the day this can be me,
not being afraid to express myself sexually,
without play backs running through my mind,
telling me i don't deserve to be treated right,
i'm human just like everybody,
i deserve to start getting treated right,
and how i want to be treated,
without fear of feeling like i did,
something wrong to begin with.

sometimes you get ppl who only want to accept the part of you that they like, and at times you wonder why you don't feel whole or why there seem to be apart of you that missing. it time to accept yourself all the way. if you can't do this, than how do you expect other ppl to start accepting all of you too?