A Message To Mom

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i remember the day you left,
in a blink of an eye,
you just died,
what the hell happened?
life felt pointless,
i felt helpless,
things never change,
days goes by,
i feel the same,
remembering how much
you ment to me,
makes me cry,
you can't be by my side,
helping me each day,
to help me through,
i'm left finding out what to do,
having doubts along the way,
make me hate every day,
what i feel about you never goes away,
i just find other ways to spend them,
life so empty,
with everything gone,
what do you do?
a mothers life is always special,
would you agree?
what about the daughter
that was left behind?
left before she found herself,
can you relate?
to a life so down,
and things she have to take on,
never thought the day would come,
when i have to say,
i love you mom,
will you ever be back?
Copyright © 2009


sad poem, written from a loving heart.

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Sandra Martyres 10 April 2009

Losing one's Mom is really tough Mona...your poem reflects the pain and turmoil that you are going through...but remember time is a great healer and this too shall pass...

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