Accepting The Truth

Rating: 2.1

it been two years since i lost you,
and the years are going up,
it gets easier to think of you,
but having you here will be nice too,
i know you in a good place,
i just wanted you to be happy,
God took you quickly,
you no longer have pain,
i can no longer hold onto you,

and i no longer regret that,
i know you still by my side,
giving me hope and feeling,
that everything will be alright,
you don't have to be here in person,
for me to be alright,
because you taught me everything i needed,
to be the person you wanted me to be,

i don't have to be surrounded by people,
to feel like i belong,
because it only makes me feel more alone,
i don't have to be accepted,
or to appear as normal,
for people to accept me,
because i am who i am,

i won't change a thing,
and i shouldn't have to,
just to be liked,
you taught me that,
why please other people,
when it don't make me happy?

and even though i miss you,
i'm glad i don't regret you being gone,
it was a part of life i don't like,
but i can live with it,
it is what it is.

Shertao Vang 02 November 2010

Good poem. Nice write.

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