A Mother's Gift

Rating: 2.3

how fast time flies,
you no longer by my side,
i seem to be alone,
just wish you would come,
a mother is the best gift,
to have and hold on to,
it's a gift i didn't want to lose,
but the time had come,
for you to be with god,
my with you had ended,
though this is not the end,
of our journey,
it still seem to be going,
but you taught me,
so many wonderful things,
i will always hang on too,
yes, i still love you,
i hate this pain i feel,
when i think of you,
but, it makes me feel alive,
to know i'm still moving on,
even when you gone,
everyday becomes easier,
to let you go,
i just can't admit,
that your little girl,
is no longer little,
i'm growing up,
i just wish,
you can be here,
with me to see,
the person i've become.
Copyright © 2009

Kesav Easwaran 01 July 2009

your poem displays the love and attachment you have towards your mother very touchingly Mona...good piece...i liked...10

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Reihaneh Jalalian 01 July 2009

when u hv ur mother in ur heart it doent matter where she is cause she is always with u. u know i felt like that when my grandma passed away but little by little i found that, this is life anyway that was a wonderful poem. great job dear.10++

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