mona martinez Poems

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A Brand New Me

look at me,
what can you see?
a girl living her dream,
fighting through pain,

A Shadow From My Past

i wonder if details matter,
it happened so long ago,
is it really important?
do i really need to know,

I Choose To No Longer Be A Victim Of People Hate

i no longer play the victim,
that no longer who i am,
i'm the girl who finds my own way,
not afraid to ask for help,

call me crazy,
i just can't shake the facts,
what are we so afraid of?
we admit our lover for each other,

Afraid V.S. Knowing***

i have two side,
but, don't we all?
one afraid to face challenge,
but, the other side know,

Acceptng Reality

how do you say?
hey i'm suicidial,
i need help?
it not that easy,

A Message To Mom

i remember the day you left,
in a blink of an eye,
you just died,
what the hell happened?

A Mother's Gift

how fast time flies,
you no longer by my side,
i seem to be alone,
just wish you would come,

A Place Called 'Life'

i feel so alone,
in this place call life.
i hear great things
and bad things.

A Gift From God

if i had to say how i feel,
i can't really say,
you were my mother,
a gift from god,