Accused Poem by Alicia Patti


Rating: 5.0

We’ll never know who
the culprit was.

The tamburo
at the Palazzo Vecchio
remains mute with age.

Would Jacopo have cried
in shame while Leonardo
full of rage and grim
with purpose rushed him
through the constringent
alleyways of Firenze?

It's all lost in the sfumato now

though anonymous hate
still slithers through hypocrisy.

Chris Mendros 06 March 2007

wasn't aware of this story. I'd heard rumors of Da Vinci's sexuality, but can't trust anything these days. Works great, poetry-wise, tho.

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Dawn Sheryl Koenig 02 March 2007

I have to admit I'm a bit lost in this one. I sought assistance in my dictionary but to no avail. I'm assuming 'tamburo' means a tambourine or sort of drum? I've been to Fierenze and Medici palaces and know who Leonardo is if it is Da Vinci but unfortunately don't have the background to know anything of Jacobo. I'm sure for people with more of an Italian background this poem woud paint a deeply emotional poem but I am not able to grasp the depth I know you impart to it due to my ignorance regretably.

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David Harris 24 February 2007

Alicia, I thought I had commented on this one. It is obvious I haven't. I liked this nice little piece. Up to your usual standard. thanks for sharing it. David

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