Departed Poem by Alicia Patti


Rating: 5.0

Would you think of me when the wind
whips up the sand and the angry sea crashes
against the crumbling jetty where our beach
blanket used to lay;

and when you walk alone through those
lonely shoals, yearning to call me back
from that long, long night, begging for
another solid look into my blue eyes,
so full of love for you?

Would you stand like a statue at the end
of the pier and stare at the waves echoing
a long forgotten memory;

and would you think of me on
all those gloomy days, begging for
the sun to shine, as I think of you every time
I dare to go down to the sea?

Chris Mendros 21 March 2007

the answer is yes......

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jack russell 20 February 2007

The sea is a great 'keeper' of memories, and is an ever reliable source of comfort when purging thoughts of a lost love. Her calm and rage offer great metaphors with which to echo our own feelings...twas ever thus :) Good imagery explored here. Best wishes. jack.

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David Harris 06 February 2007

Alicia, I could feel the sand and taste the salt of the water from the spray caused by the rolling waves battering the shore. What a beautiful picture you paint of a lost love questioning a lost partner. I liked it. Thanks for sharing it. David

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