Acid Rain Poem by David Darbyshire

Acid Rain

Rating: 4.6

The tree tops are Dead
and so are the Roots
It's the rain they Dread
also the Shoots

The rain is like Acid
it eats it all Away
should be more placid
would help in a big Way

But one Day the Trees will be Gone
It seams all the people do is Yawn
But when it is Black, Dark, and no Bark
We'll wish we were sitting in a Green Park

aeda sea 10 February 2006

yes, yes we will.10!

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Mary Naylor 10 March 2006

A thought-provoking poem. Excellent imagery!

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A B Faniki 31 August 2019

Great write. I love the rhythm and flow of words it brougt out a vivid image. Thanks for sharing

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Kumarmani Mahakul 02 April 2019

TREE TOPS are dead due to acid rain this activity provokes thought. Environment should be free from pollution. An excellent thought provoking poem is shared...10

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Melvina Germain 17 June 2007

Very profound poem indeed, my sentiments exactly. I love reading poems about the environment, we as poets have to do our best to get this message out and you David have done your part. Don't stop, keep writing about it, excellent poem. --Melvina--

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Nalini Hebbar 15 May 2006

nice thought...well put...we all need to do our bit...and hope we are on time...nalini

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Duncan Wyllie 13 March 2006

Absolutely correct and so profound, we must contemplate much on this one.Love Duncan

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