As I Lie In My Bed Poem by David Darbyshire

As I Lie In My Bed

Rating: 4.5

As I lie in my Bed
All these poems run through my Head
I should get up and write them down, Instead
I go back to Bed

David Darbyshire

Simon Whild 20 October 2005

Short and sweet David. We've all been there :)

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Moya Levy 02 January 2006

Know that feeling! I know the day that I have become a true poet because I will dream in poetry! Moyax

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Shannon Chapel 02 January 2006

So dang funny - and so true! lol I had one just the other night. It woke me up and I thought, 'Oh, man! That is really good. I really should write that down! ' Then I went back to sleep, and for the life of me I can't remember a LICK of what it was about! lol Shannon

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Edward Kofi Louis 12 January 2016

When tired; taking a rest. Nice work.

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Kim Barney 19 July 2015

The very same thing has happened to me many times. The last time was just one week ago today. I wrote a poem about the experience called 'The One that Got Away'.

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Melvina Germain 11 August 2006

I certainly can relate to this, so to solve the problem, I bought a tiny tape recorder. Now, when my night thoughts come or my early morning beauties. I just roll over and pick up my recorder and all is not forgotten. Nice poem David.--- Melvina

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Loretta Rowley 06 March 2006

Sometimes it is such a waste of beautiful feelings. Falling asleep sometimes alters what you felt or thought before! Loretta

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Patricia Gale 16 February 2006

How true. Never but off a thought. Patricia

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