Addicted To... Poem by Shelly Price

Addicted To...

I'm consumed and I'm addicted,
today you're my drug of choice.
My lips, they crave your kisses,
and my ears, they crave your voice.

My body yearns for your touch,
my addiction grows harder to hide.
Please don't make me suffer today,
please let me feel you deep inside.

I've tried to stay away from you,
just to prove that it could be done.
But each attempt I'm afraid I've failed,
my addiction took over and won.

Restless and irritable without you,
I'm lonely as I lie in my bed.
When, I wonder will I get some relief,
from the corruption that fills my head.

I crave the softness of your lips,
planted feverishly upon mine.
Feed my addiction with just one kiss,
and satisfy me one more time.

Enable me to feel whole today,
I just need to know you are near.
I can't stop wanting you...or needing you,
I just can't stop loving you...I fear.

Why did our paths intersect I wonder,
from two opposite sides we crossed.
We spin a web of hunger and passion,
as we try to forget what we've lost.

Look back to when you first loved me,
close your eyes and journey there.
Feel the warmth of the love I give,
let me show you how much I care.

I can hear your heart beating,
it echos deep inside my mind.
The stability of it's rhythm,
allows me to feel peace, I find.

It's time again to feed my addiction,
time to fuel the flames of my desire.
Don't deny me what I need to survive,
your love is the spark that ignites my fire.


Barry A. Lanier 01 March 2009

Ah whose Anonymous are you going to join? lol :)))))))))))))))))))

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