Advice To Students: Don'T You Quit! Poem by Omar Osman Jabak

Advice To Students: Don'T You Quit!

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Let me give you some advice
Take it, leave it but be nice
If you take it, you will pass
If you leave it, you may pass
Attend classes at your college
This will help increase your knowledge
Try to be on friendly terms
With your teachers all the terms
Show them how you play your part
Make them say you are smart
Prepare your work in advance
Or spend your lecture in a trance
Do your homework every week
And in the lecture be so meek
Ask your teachers all the time
Asking them is not a crime
When you ask them, be so kind
This will never make them mind
If you give a wrong answer
Don't think you've caused cancer
Learning means you make a mistake
It's not a matter of make or break
When you learn it, put a side
And you have made a giant stride
If you listen well to me
Happy, happy you will be

Unwritten Soul 21 October 2011

Maybe you are a teacher, but this applicable in any reason to many people.. The best teacher not just give and teach but support and motivate, and you are one of the best teacher, you nurturing plants of future to green with healthy and charismatic character Keep it up, bring your lights for all people in the world who need out from dark! very nice poem_Unwritten Soul

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 02 November 2009

this one is good! ......

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Blue Eyes 16 August 2008

this is a really nice advice to give to students and to all people in general. this poem is full of wisdom because not giving up is the secret of success i totally love it.

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