Afghan War - Save Afghanistan As Humanity And Peace Is Every Afghan Child's Dream And Right Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

Afghan War - Save Afghanistan As Humanity And Peace Is Every Afghan Child's Dream And Right

As tears and fears grip their nation
as families with children keep on fleeing,
as peace falls asunder and cities get blasted
as bombs keep falling and homes get devastated;
as fires keep burning and gunshots keep exploding,
as tanks keep moving in and destroying cities
as chaos and cries keep increasing
as redundancy of lives keeps surging,
can this be so real
will it ever end-
they keep asking one another.
And as days keep changing hopes
as conflict keeps casting away mercy
as men and women keep panicking:
they keep worrying incessantly;
where will they go, what will they eat
how will their children survive
where will their old and elderly sleep?
what will the helpless mothers feed their children?
Where will the infants find their nestling?
These are questions they keeping asking themselves
and fearing for their future.
And as so many people keep sitting
on the open ground or in the open fields
and watch the men moving in jeeps with guns,
they keep worrying, they keep trying to confront realities,
is this humanity they ask themselves
or is this the same fate that Syrians had to confront
when their country was in a similar turmoil?
And as the war keeps waging in Afghanistan
and as their nation faces terror and trauma,
not only hunger but also deprivation of rest and sleep
makes people to tremble with uncertainty;
and as they have no weapons in their hands
to show restraint or fight back,
they keep asking themselves
how long will they have to keeping running,
where will mothers run with their little children
when will destruction and debris stop accumulating
when will their streets and neighborhoods look
the same again?
Or will those men so full of aggression
keep capturing and invading all their cities
without caring for lives that are lost
without caring for children that are little or just born.
O' world, this war is not some movie
this war is not some video game on your mobile phone
but this is another most harsh and saddest reality
where afghans are facing loss of lives and homes
without any chance or hope for peace.
So World, unite to save this country
unite to save the people of Afghanistan
as it writhes with pain and suffering;
today is not a day for past ruminations
but now is a moment to pick up courage
and obliterate the hostility that is mounting.
O' Nations of the world please unite in the name
of humanity and annihilate the injustice
that Afghan people are now facing
as children and women must have
worthiness for their life and dignity,
so that in their own home and fireplace
they can cook and eat two square meals a day
and none must be permitted to destroy
their right to life and peaceful existence.
So as we may watch the plight of the children
and the families in Afghanistan we may weep,
as we weep, we may pity them
but from that pity must ignite the Will and the Way
to free Afghanistan from the terror they are facing
as this world is a home that belongs to a fraternity
which supports peace and not war
as war makes children to starve,
war makes families helpless,
war makes families homeless.
Hence, the world must help
Afghanistan to retrieve their nation,
their homes and their peace
and revival of humanity
and peace in Afghanistan
is every Afghan child's dream and right.

Afghan War - Save Afghanistan As Humanity And Peace Is Every Afghan Child's Dream And Right
How could anyone ever leave a nation to face the wrath and wreckage of a war; was it humanity or cowardice was it prudence or indiscreetness that today the whole world feels an empathy watching the helpless circumstances which could have been very well prevented with corrections decisions and not derelictions. So World, please show mercy and help the Afghans to repossess their homes and peace.
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