After A While(To My Aunt's Dog Steffi) Poem by nithya raghavan

After A While(To My Aunt's Dog Steffi)

'After a while,
after a while'
is all i say,
as i procrastinate touching
your soft fur that
grows out of the
land of your pink skin.
I am strangled in
the wind of remniscences,
of the time we
threw open the doors
of our respective languages,
and after a while,
we learnt to find
the nodes of common points,
on the creepers of our tongues.

Your black eyes reflected
the lights of thousand suns,
that pierced the heart
of darkness, and threw
shreds or pieces of light
on the black waters.

It was only
after a while,
that i realised that
our walk in this
vast jungle was reaching
its conclusion, as i
looked at your tail,
wagging more slowly,
and your soft eyes
becoming lost in the mist.
Fate was gently pulling
you, on the opposite
path to heaven, which even
your quiet reluctance
ceased to stop,
And you left me,
with what remains in
my mind, those small footprints
that soiled the floor,
as God accompanied you,
to evaporate in the
breath of creation.
I was left in a
void, that yawned on
my face like breeze
at night. Yet, you threw
a leash around my neck,
that becomes a cable,
connecting me to thoughts
of you, as tears smudge,
those sweet memories.......

Paul Martin 30 October 2009

Think Steffi used to live in Pondicherry and Chennai. Awesome poem for an awesome animal

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Ranjit Ravindran 18 October 2009

So touching... we get attached to them for their unconditional love... Though I have never seen your Steff, I can through your words now.

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