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Lying in bed, holding off reality,
I’m caught in the cozy place
between dream and fantasy.

Heart slowing back to a walk,
I’m wondering,
does it get any better than this?

A lingering taste,
the man-woman scent

hovering in the air,
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Jim Valero 24 April 2009

A deeply private and significant moment, fleshed out in calm soft reflective tones, the poet brings the reader into the speaker’s intimate, sensuous perceptions—taste, scent, touch, sound, and sight. Tone, mood, atmosphere blend into a beautiful moment of reflection and self-knowledge, brought about in the soft hues of the afterglow. As to the speaker's question-no, It probably does not get any better than this. Beautiful. Well-crafted. Very poetic.

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Vincent James Turner 02 December 2006

Hey C.J nice to see a post of yours again, the poem itself is tender and the rhymign scheme help the poem to flow in a sensual, warm way.; I like the way you can change from writing poetry for kids, and also able to pen more mature poems, you have a real gift. by the way if you have a chance check out my Ode the the aftergow, covering the same theme as yours in a differernt style, seems we are both lucky at the moment! ! ! ! best wishes Robin Turner

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