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All By Myself (Cj & Rusty For Children)

Rating: 4.7

I gotta play by myself today
cause Mommy is cleaning and mopping.
Then she’ll be calling a sitter
for when she goes grocery shopping.

The sitter, she’s really boring.
She’s always on the dumb phone,
or painting her nails or combing her hair
so I guess I’ll be playing alone …

I think I will get out my play dough
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Adeline Foster 11 December 2013

'Lovely' is all I can say. I am very much enjoying your poetry. Read mine - I Worry Too - Adeline

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Bengt O Björklund 05 January 2006

You made me smile and I can really see the whole scene (having small children myself it isn't hard: -)

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Shannon Chapel 28 December 2005

What can I say...brilliant. Once again you've allowed me to travel back in time to a much simpler time. A time where the biggest decision I had to make was whether to color my picture using red or blue or whether to put the lace dress or the satin dress on my dolly. Ah, life was so much easier then.; -) Shannon

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Joseph Daly 27 December 2005

CJ, Rusty, what a brilliant piece, capturing that spirit that children exhibit, of making do, because what they really want is not available to them. I guess it shows the versitility of children, something we lose as we grow older. Brilliant! Love Denis Joe

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David Darbyshire 27 December 2005

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH thats nice darling C.J. playing is always Fun and Good for you........... sounds nice as well CJ.Love from Dave xxx

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