Again Yet Again Poem by Susan Lacovara

Again Yet Again

Rating: 3.0

My own night spliced together the black sky
And the quieted calm collapse
Of staring silently towards the heavens
That held the beloved moon
In France, their evening split wide open
And why.. Oh do please tell me why
Why innocence is sliced, shaken and spilled
Again, yet again
By an evil my heart can never conceive
Am I to believe this is to be tolerated
This is how the world unravels
It's 'New Normal'...
Again, yet again
Left to question the unthinkable maddness
That carves into my poet's heart
And leaves me weeping for the want of peace
And the ceasation of useless ignorance
Often dressed up in a disguise of delivering
The phophet's promise
And some understandable purpose
A purpose I can not grasp
I can only grieve and grieve I do
For the loss...for the loss
And the cost and such a cost
When children sing no longer
Mothers lose their sons and daughters
Fathers faces are left behind
Only to be kept in picture frames
When night is shattered, reasoning scattered
Lives taken, destroyed, splattered
By nothing that makes any sense at all...
And evil, I dare say and call it such..
Again, yet again
Screams at me from the headlines
And rips at the hearts of all
Who are righteous...courageous
Seeing the sights under the firework skies
That we scramble to accept as truth
Again, yet again
Streets, littered with lifeless bodies
While the brokenhearted moon
Cries along with the startled stars
Again, yet again
I recall the towers taken...
And lend my sympathetic soul
To stand in unison, as the world mourns
The sadness in Nice
The sickness like a cancer grows
We, only we with a conviction of strength
And a resolve of rising up
With love to squelch the hardened hatred
That has no place under my magical moon
That moon, that one moon that illuminates
Us all, One World.
And why not strive to be just that
Again, yet again.

(07/14/16) My heart belongs to those in Nice. My prayers begin, and end, with PEACE.
The attacks on innocence must end. Join hands. Link arms in a peaceful way...Believe we can, we must return to kindness and tolerance. My heavy heart cries out to those lost in France, this eve..The moon slips behind the clouds, as if not wanting to witness...again, yet again, what we disbelieve as real.
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