In My Mother's Hand Poem by Susan Lacovara

In My Mother's Hand

Rating: 5.0

It startled me at first, so unexpected...
There between the yellowing pages
of a schoolgirl' s poured out poetry
a scripted note...
(tucked away, so that I might discover it...'someday')

It was as real as a rose petal preserved...
and more beautiful than life itself
A tiny treasure from love I so long for now
perfectly my mother's hand.

Like time had thawed from it's frozen sleep
She, in that moment, was speaking to me
as only she did, so many other late nights...
My face, quick to feel the flood of tears
My breath stolen, by the sheer surprise...
My heart, heavy and rebroken..
from it's barely repaired state...

In her wisdom, and with her wonderful words
Offered support of all my dreams...
As if she knew I'd be broken and burdened one day
Wishing only for the only ones I really belonged to
Giving me the go ahead to be me...just me...
I cried a countless cascade of come back to me tears
And for an instant felt the world was ours again

I ran my fingers over the paper, over and over again
Imagining I was touching her hand, though so far in heaven
And spoke the word that my heart holds heavy...Mom...
So thankful for her foresight, in leaving me a secret letter
That one day, one night, tonight...
I'd stumble upon, while revisiting my past through poetry,
And be rocked to sleep, in the cradle of the memories of her love
Touched so deeply by the stroke of written encouragement
Knowing she watches, still, and knows exactly when I need her most
Remaining in the corners of my everyday, finding, with exact instinct
The pivotal pulse that fills my veins...
She, and only she, above and before everyone else
Gave wings to my words...
And now to find hers...I am left speechless
And ever so overjoyed by the tucked away note...
In my mother's hand.

(10/ 09/13) absolutely astonished to find this beautiful message, from my mother..tonight...the world is much KINDER...and I shall sleep so very close to her heavenly love. No one I miss more.
Anthony Burkett 02 February 2014

Beautiful and transparent... exquisit... honest teardrops of joy.

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Kanav Justa 18 January 2014

, , i have read this so many times now, , , its sad and yet so beautiful, , , its a great great poem, , ,

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Heather Wilkins 12 October 2013

a beautiful write Susan, I do enjoy well written prose and this is so lovely. it would be over whelming I'm sure. to find a letter from mother. I enjoyed reading very much.

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John Brown 10 October 2013

An absolutely beautiful poem. Prose is not my favourite style of poetry, but this is really lovely. I wish my mum had done the same for me. I love the line, 'I cried a countless cascade of come-back-to-me tears.'

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