After The Towers Fell Poem by Susan Lacovara

After The Towers Fell

Rating: 4.8

I can still see their faces, in the hallways of my mind
I can still feel the traces, of the love they left behind...
As the skyline changed and the whole world was rearranged
After the towers fell, we did rise.

I can still feel the blazing warmth as it touches New York's skin
I can still hear the thousands prayers as each new day does begin
When the skyline changed and the whole world was rearranged
After the towers fell, we did rise.

And they cannot be forgotten,
And I will not look away
Their souls remain, forever
In the memories replayed
Over and over
In the playgrounds of our minds
After the towers fell, we did rise.

There's a strength in every weakness, there's a hope in every storm
There's a way to stay resilient, and to shelter us from harm
There's a path that we have chosen, as we dry our tear filled eyes...
After the towers fell, we did rise

There's a need for quiet healing, as the years go, sadly, by
And it's true we keep believing, when we gaze into the sky,
That angels, they do guide US, while the eagle sweetly flies
After the towers fell, we did rise...
After we witnessed hell...we survived...
Yes, after the towers fell, we DID rise.

I am compelled each year to honor those who were lost to the events of 9/ it by listening to the 'Reading of the Names'...or writing about the tragic day, I do so in their memory. While it is but one day
the whole nation hears all their names spoken aloud, to be set adrift on a late summer's breeze...I am certain their names are told in a million
stories, everyday, by those who loved them and lost them, to such senseless evil. God bless the families who struggle everyday to rebuild.
Bernard F. Asuncion 12 May 2017

Reminds me of the song BOUNCE popularized by BON JOVI...a perfect 10.... I invite you to visit my NINE ELEVEN EARTHSHAKING DAY.... Thanks Ma'am Susan....

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Leria Hawkins 01 October 2013

Lovely, Susan...absolutely lovely.

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Anthony Burkett 26 January 2014

Sweet and remorsefully heartfelt... with a patriotic resilience that is uncommon in today's rhetoric... your pen makes me proud to call you a fellow countryman... well done Susan!

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Richard Beevor 26 April 2014

Reading through your work, I believe you are fast becoming one of my favourite poets.

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 24 June 2014

Susie, Yours is a great poem. Also you had read my 09/11 some time back and commented. Thanks very much. Even at this late stage I wanted to thank you for your views. Also, you can visualize how we Sri Lankans were facing same kind of situation as yours, for thirty solid years day in day out. Can you imagine type of atrocities those most dreadful terrorists, world's most ruthless outfit in the guise of liberation committed on this island? How many infants, kids, pregnant women, aged and clergy they simply hacked, chopped and cut in to pieces, most cruelly? No inch of the land was spared by these demons without blasting alive. Now, they hiding within your country and elsewhere, they play various other tricks too with the help of your politicians to continue this. Many do not feel or understand the kind of agony we were going through for 30 years. After finishing the menace, some leaders in the developed world are harassing us in the name of human rights and this is worse than the terrorism itself. Where ever it occurs, terrorism is terrorism. There can’t be two type as good terrorism and bad terrorism.

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Khairul Ahsan 25 June 2018

A solemn eulogy, that finds an echo in our hearts too. 'Yes, after the towers fell, we DID rise' - that was a collective tribute that they deserved.

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Adrian Flett 22 December 2017

What a beautiful memorial to those who fell and I love the non-sensitivity with which you handle the words. They are more powerful because of that. Thank you also for reading and commenting on my poems.

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Hamid Moghaddasi 12 May 2017

There is a strength in every weakness There is a hope in every storm Thank you dear susan. I enjoyed reading your thoughtful and lovely poem. Best Wishes Hamid Moghaddasi (Calm)

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Never to be forgotten..What a day that was and beautiful tribute your poem is..

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Elaine Macfarlane 12 May 2017

Simply a beautiful tribute, brought a tear to my eyes!

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