Susan Lacovara Poems

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Artist Alone

It is not with the sadness,
Nor madness,
Of Van Gogh
That I exclude myself

Ashes Of Old Lovers

There it laid
what remained
of your snuffed out cigar
Just lying there...

All Love Is Love

Love the sound of lifted laughter
Love the thought of ever after
Love is love, all love is love

To The Girl Across The Street

You were my very first friend
With sunlit yellow hair,
which directly complimented my dark mane
We were a pair, uniquely different...

After The Towers Fell

I can still see their faces, in the hallways of my mind
I can still feel the traces, of the love they left behind...
As the skyline changed and the whole world was rearranged
After the towers fell, we did rise.

Long Ago On A Lawn

We didn't know better
Back then
How time would chase our dreams
Change them

A Snowflake In The Sun

You could not have been any prettier
than a snowflake in the sun
How your silver frosted glistening glint,
So caught my eye, then melted, done..

Act Two

Intermission over
Where have you been
The urgency in your voice
On nights when your missing me

To Be There

I will come and find you, friend
Where you lay your troubles
Out to dry
Help you iron the wrinkles of worry


I am, that I am...
A chameleon...
Shifting between the hues
That camouflage my insecurities,

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