Ahhhh! Poem by Linda Hepner


Rating: 4.9

Oh god of buggies, bring me a Bugatti!
I’ve seen a massive, stunning, glossy print
Of sparkling hood and wheels all fresh and natty
On a runway smiling with a glint!
With two lamps gleaming lighting up the dark,
It flies so fast that night and day are one;
From nought to 200 twice round the park,
A mile a gallon, goes off like a gun!
But pursestrings to the winds and damn the gas
It takes to fuel my lust for noise and speed,
I can’t wait for my trigger to kick ass
And rush off in that car I really need!

Ernestine Northover 15 December 2005

Hey, that's a great one Linda, a nice change of subject for a change. A jolly good write, loved the read. Love Ernestine XXX

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Linda Hepner 14 December 2005

Whew, who gave me that 10? Was it YOU?

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***** ********* 14 December 2005

That's it Linder, make it happen! lol 10 from Tai Day Dream Believer

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Connor Shaw 21 April 2014

hmmm pretty good :) :) :) : D

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Guy Lip-more 20 January 2013

Very good, quirky but I like that in a poem.

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Brian Dorn 20 April 2006

Linda, your poem reads like greased lightning! God of buggies, I want a Bugatti too! ! Brian

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Tara Crown 21 February 2006

Linda, I loved this peice...(even before I really even knew what you were talking about...haha) ...the imagery and feel were slick and smooth and urgent like lightning and I was chasing it throughout your words...you really grabbed me...and thats good poetry in my book :) Thanks for this one! ~Peace~

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Raynette Eitel 15 December 2005

Nice one, Linda. Who would know you would covet a Bugatti...and all that speed. A poet with daring! :) Raynette

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