Aids Poem by jibin joseph


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Why cant we speak
Why cant we talk
Why only wisper behind their backs

Why we hesitate
Why we curse
Why we dislike to see their face

Why we isolate
Why we let go
Why we treat them like dirt

Who are we to judge
Who are we to comment
Then why do we act like this

Disease is a disease
Not an evil
Then why do we treat them bad

What did these children do
Whats their fault
Then why such cold feet

Why we dislike to hear the name
Why we see with a different eye
Tommorow it could be you who suffer

Its an evil you would say
But less devil than you and I
Who treat them as a different breed

Why its such a taboo
Why we cant speek
Why we hesitate to talk about AIDS

Why are we so narrow minded
Why can’t we create awareness
Why we hasitate to talk about AIDS

jibin joseph.....................

Fred Gold 25 January 2007

dear Jibin: You are a very warm and empahic person. You have access to the Zen perspective. Everyone need to read this. Sincerely, Fred

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Kavita Bhat 03 January 2007

hey, nice one jibin...& last two para's are so very true... it will surely make one think!

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Raghavan Warrier 28 December 2006

Jibin, We talk a lot about AIDS; but do precious little. 'Who are we to judge Who are we to comment Then why do we act like this' This has got a strong undertone of Zen. Well written poem.

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June30 Tara 28 December 2006

You are really creating an awareness. Let us just hope and pray that we get out of this narrow thinking and treat it as a disease and not as an evil. Grt. work... Love, Ammu

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jibin joseph

jibin joseph

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