All Alone Poem by Linda Engwall

All Alone

Rating: 5.0

We both know that we didn’t sign on for all of this
Life wasn’t suppose to hand us such a mess

We were going to defy the odds
Met so long ago
Too young to know what we were really doing

Bonded together
Connected by our own insecurities
Clinging to each other
Since we had no one else to lessen the burden

In the beginning
We did defied the odds
We loved each other
We believed we were different from all the rest

Then life hit us
Some may say no harder than others

As you live your life
You find there are many lessons
You are either forced to learn
Or they will destroy
you one or both

You think you have escaped
In one piece

Only to learn later in life
You didn’t really
All you did
Was manage to
Be so busy through it all
You didn’t get a chance to think
What the damage that was done
To you both

Only to awake now to find
I don’t really know you
Nor do you know me
And funny or not so
Do we even like those people
who we have become

Two people in a house
All alone finding we
Really are just that

Ency Bearis 07 September 2008

great piece...a futurestic event to life...wonderful write... Ency Bearis

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Bonnie Collins 07 September 2008

Very tence, and has alot of soul searching involved...Very interesting as you describe so many people who awake one day and say the same thing, or, chose to ignore it and live a very miserable life..... Good job... Bonnie

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Dillon Gay 07 September 2008

Wow. A masterpiece about life. I give it a 9.

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