Lack Of Courage Poem by Linda Engwall

Lack Of Courage

Rating: 4.7

Most days I feel
Like I am
Losing so much time
For you to change

Never knowing quite for sure
If it is me or you that must change

Always believed that by
Not moving
Making no decision
Is the same as making one

Wondering if it is due to my lack of strength
Or no courage
To take those hits
That will happen if I choose
To move

Wish I knew if this was truly my choice
Or one made only by lack of my courage

Nurain Ali-balogun 30 November 2012

Lack of courage to hold on and hope he'll change, or having enough courage to move on when he refused to change.....ponderous.

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Tom Balch 12 October 2008

Love this piece, courage / choice right/wrong 10+Regards Tom

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Terry Holder 30 November 2012

Really Enjoyed. Makes you stop and think and then put yourself in the words. The question becomes is that what I am doing?

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Savita Tyagi 30 November 2014

A lovely poem. Not knowing what to do for a number of reasons! An honest truth penned so well.

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Kim Barney 30 November 2014

Well articulated. Enjoyed it very much. Congrats on poem of the day today and also one year ago today. Oh, and two years ago today also. Happy anniversary of your poem of the day!

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 30 November 2014

Well penned so nice of you...Congrates

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Philip Carter 30 November 2013

We probably all have this feeling sometime in our lives

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Liliana ~el 30 November 2013

Flows nice Difficult struggle indeed Won't know consequence until action has been taken

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