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Chitresh Jhawar

Lost in a lost place

All Alone! ! !

Rating: 4.7
I sit in my living room with my cell
my fingers pressing its buttons but they always fail
to search a friend to whom I should call
but my bad luck, every time from the sofa i fall.
I can’t find any number except 911
no one to call, there is none.
Then I realize, I’m friendless
all alone in this mess.

I sit in my study room, which is a little shorter
no one to ask for a glass of milk or water
nobody to say, 'it’s too late, take a break
close the books and keep them in the rake'
no one to put on me my blanket and say good night
no one to kiss my forehead, no one to fight
nobody to say good morning and give breakfast
I'm living all alone here and I'll die alone here at last.

I'm all alone as a cloud
no one to accompany me in this crowd
I talk to my brain and fight with it
love, smile, relations, care, are all bullshit
then I sit for my lunch on the dining table
no one to tell me to pass the bowl and I giggle
on myself that I don't have any one to care
is it because I did the same to others? but I never dared!

I solve the charade; no one to help
no one to chat, I always yelp
then I thought, who will cremate me
and in its thinking I died!
I forgot that I'm a spook living a sinful life
all because I killed myself, I'm suffering this grief
better to die and live alone than to be alone living
life is all what you make it, think it and write it before your killing...
Chitresh Jhawar
Monday, October 19, 2009
Shadow Girl 03 July 2011
beautiful, sad, raw emotion - SG
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Titiksha Singhal 30 April 2011
very 'finely' writtn with vry minute details. i lv d way u present it. i undrstand...it do happns smetyms...specially at d tym f exams! !
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Jessy Villa 13 December 2010
wow sounds like me i always feels alown
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Full of emotion, so sad. Loneliness in itself is a killer. Pray for every void to be filled..with love! ; D
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Katherine Shaw 06 August 2010
Awwww...bless, i will be your friend, such a sad poem, very good,
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Ginna Yadav 01 August 2010
Hmm... its a nice poem, if we ignore the technical errors(i sit 'beside' my living room) and the monotony of having the same idea to expressed in every paragraph. But beyond that it is something can acutely connect to when loneliness sets in my life... it captures the mood of being unwanted very well.
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Ezna Stephna 25 July 2010
well well it was a really emotional poem.....but remember the creator is always with u......you have lost the track of life.......call him he will hear you, help yourself he will help you twice.......but only you need to call him.......god given life to enjoy and he knew that if he send all people together they will feel loneness if he takes someone a way one day......so alone he send and alone with him you live........call him he will hear you...................i wont say im here for u because i believe we are not alone...thanks for sharing your feelings
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Unwritten Soul 24 July 2010
sincere and intense...great expression and each line explain so well...u are talented! but too much dark color u used to think...but it will lead u what areal life is...if nobody want to be ur friend i do because your life is not to be ended but to learn..nice!
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Tanasha Kuhn 24 July 2010
wow this a very deep poem.... i like it very much thank you for sharing :)
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Amanda Barger 23 July 2010
nice peom keep up the good work
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