Love You Love! Poem by Chitresh Jhawar

Love You Love!

Rating: 4.6

Love u love for the love you gave
love u love for the love time we had
love u love for our lovely fights
love u love for always getting right
love u love for the tempestuous thoughts
love u love for the happiness I got
love u love for your support
love u love for loving me a lot.
love u love for teaching me to smile
love u love for your every style
love u love for teaching me love
love u love for making me beloved
love u love for loving me
love u love for always living with me
love u love for completing my life
love u love for solving every strife
love u love for keeping me warm
love u love for giving rest in your arms
love u love for your kisses and hugs
love u love for getting me addicted to you as drugs.

© Chitresh Jhawar

Rasika Kalyanikar 18 May 2010

As Shridevi ma'am said I hope ur puppy love matures into a beautiful one.. :)

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Emma Rose 17 May 2010

this is so cute and romantic...i m going to mail it to my love...

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The Devil From Hell 07 April 2010

yikes too much love in one place is never good.

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Alyssa Lippi 07 April 2010

Beautiful! ! I love reading and writing love poems.. :)

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Pradyumna Jyotir 05 May 2010

may your puppy love mature into a more meaningful relationship! ! ! ! god bless you....

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urwife 06 February 2019

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Harindhar Reddy 17 January 2012

Love you Jhawar for your lovely poem love. Great buddy very impressive one.10++++++ and many smiles for composing this poem! Thumbs up! A red carpet invitation to read my poem: Tring - Tring! LOVE Bell RINGS in My Natural MOBILE!

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Awesome! Love is the strongest force on earth. Written clearly from the heart, exudes tender heartedness! Lovely to read; D

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Elena Sandu 25 July 2010

How sweet! Keep loving your love, love is the greatest thing on earth, isn't it?

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Renea Hannah 23 July 2010

it is sweet, but if you just take off the second love. for instant how i love you love for, and then just continue by saying all the things you love them for. (my opinion, but your creation) . i just like it sweet and simple. just imagine if you were reading it to them. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GOD BLESS

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