I Hate Myself Poem by Chitresh Jhawar

I Hate Myself

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I hate myself for being so rude
I hate myself for watching them nude
I hate myself for crying alone in the dark
I hate myself that i did not made any one to notice my bark
I hate myself for my frantic work
I hate myself for being called defected, outdated, and jerk
I hate myself for distracting the attention
I hate myself for always getting detention
I hate myself for not smiling in my life ever
I hate myself for being so dumb and useless forever.
I hate myself for the manner-less things that I've done
I hate myself because I'm loved by none
I hate myself for losing myself in reading mysteries
I hate myself for not having my name in the book of histories
I hate myself for always over thinking on everything
I hate myself for refraining my thinking
I hate myself for living life stridently
I hate myself for living only in my nightmares particularly
I hate myself for the nobbling
I hate myself for my killing
I hate myself for all the pain that I've caused you mom
I hate myself as your 'son' was the poi-son of the home
I hate myself for everything
I hate myself as I let the stressful wail to sing.

Kristen Burbella 26 November 2009

always so many reasons to hate. much harder to find love

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Aastha Uppal 21 December 2009

well truly a brave effort.... not that easy to accept the fact that all of us hate ourselves for the wrong deeds in the past.. good one! ! !

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Angela Crabtree 22 December 2009

I love this poem, and I think you should get your work published. It's very raw, and deep. Love, Angel

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Tricia Dildine 25 December 2009

well...................................not much for me to comment on this one

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Gita Ashok 19 May 2010

You must be very brave to come out with all the possible reasons for hating yourself in this poem which is truly a self-introspection. Many of us hide reasons for hating ourselves somewhere in the corners of our mind and you went on to pour your mind/heart out! Kudos to you for that!

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Sonali Sings 12 November 2011

Once you ponder on the reasons of loving yourself, they'll surprisingly outnumber reasons to hate. Unless you love yourself first, nobody else will love you. They say, if you boast about yourself, others assume you're a proud, if you speak ill about yourself, they believe you, so better say nothing about yourself, and be genuinely interested in others n surroundings.

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Elena Sandu 25 July 2010

So many reasons to hate yourself..hm..not bad.. as your heart may get a lot of space for loving others (*_*) 10

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Unwritten Soul 24 July 2010

oh hoooo....Confession of your broken heart...i wish to read your poem about I love myself more...and wish u will inverted ur hating into loving...because ur hating not really hate but discovering....wish all the best, good work

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 19 June 2010

though the world may sometime be like a park of broken dreams and fooling desires but still it is a happy world... At the end of a stem of thorns is a rose... better look for flowers than worms....

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Verna goulding ralph 24 May 2010

hi, very well written, keep up the good work

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