Daniel Partlow

Rookie - 69 Points (1969 / St. Louis, MO > Westport, CT)

All Attacks Of Darkness Are Dispelled By True Light - Poem by Daniel Partlow

The thief has come, and is here now, to steal our greatest gift:
The truth which God endowed. In fact he seeks to cause a rift.

His burglar bag holds many tools with which he plies his craft.
How many souls has he ‘liberated’ since the first Skeptic laughed?

Skepticsim is one tool, with which many safes were cracked.
But Truth has protected well the treasures inside many which he attacked.

Now his use of this tool has become so ubiquitous and brazen.
But our treasures will be kept safe when on our hearts we emblazon.

The apologetic truths which allow us all to refute.
The many lies the thief uses to dispute.

Let us shed light upon the one who moves so freely in the dark.
Christ has given us a torch which like repellant turns away the shark.

Now they think that they find cause to attack almost every single verse.
But there are basically three misguided lines of reasoning which they use to curse:

The Sins of the Saints – There is No Contradiction

There is not a person in history, save our Savior Christ the Lord.
Which has led a sinless life – but that does not afford

All the complaints heard today about the misdeeds described in the good book.
But the story of their sin is not an endorsement of the wayward path they took.

The truth and relevance is revealed in the ultimate consequence of each iniquity
From Cain’s violence, Ham’s perversion, and Abram’s hesitation, to Jacob’s trickery

From Moses disobedience at the rock, to Achan’s greed, and Samson’s wayward deeds.
From Saul’s Pride, David’s adultery and warring, to Solomon’s abominable ‘needs’

The wrongs which were done by these old patriarchs and kings
Are not condoned, but told of to reveal the consequence that sin brings.

Perception of Value Difference

The second major attack is upon biblical values which differ from their own
There are some real differences, because there are good values which many skeptics disown.

Modesty, meekness, worship, pre-marital chastity, evangelism, and piety
Are just a few which are under the constant attack of the skeptical society.

They have been led astray by their own seductive philosophies of pluralism
Which cotton to the longings of their heart, their ingrained hedonisms

Arthur Miller, by his own pen, his atheist values were denuded:
There are no passions quite as hot and pleasurable as those of the deluded

Compared to the bliss of delusion, its vivid colors and liberating joys to explore,
It’s blazing lights, explosions, and whistles; to this the search for truth is a deadly bore.

But there are also perceived differences which the skeptic likes to pretend
That the little real truth he will confess, is his own, when in truth ‘twas the Spirit that penned.

He points with derision at the treatment of women – but there’s one thing he’s ignored.
For who, in any other faith, upholds a woman’s dignity more completely than Jesus Christ our Lord?

Some indicate that in the bible, slavery is condoned.
But the message is not to the slaver, but to the one who finds that his life and labors are ‘owned.’

What other god lifts up the lowly, and says however you treat these of meager human worth.
So you are treating me. And he turns to them and says: You will inherit the earth!

Perception of History and Science vs. the Truth

Can the Earth stand still and the sun stop in the sky?
Can waters part and heap up? a common skeptic cry.

Did Christ actually exist, and if he did was there any cross?
Could anyone calm the tempest waters which turn and toss?

How could any be immune to poison, or the venom of the asp?
How could physical healing occur from a simple faithful clasp?

Was the Earth created in one-hundred and forty four hours?
Could any be so endowed with such supernatural powers?

These are valid questions and the Christian must respond.
With valid answers – for the morning of apologetic truth hath dawned.

The types of the responses are broad and all of them legit.
Faith is one, but there are many others which reason may permit.

A second is that the truth of the account lies primarily in the underlying message.
Just like the parables of Christ, or as a prophecy – a sign of what shall presage,

Some later event. You see there are many layers of truth the text may immerse.
Not each of which is on the surface of each and every verse.

That said, there is sufficient logic to prove the existence of a Creator.
And given that He exists why would we expect him to be nothing more than a debater.

If you confess that He has the power to speak the whole universe into existence.
Why would you treat the accounts of other miracles with resistance?

Well what is this proof of which I speak.
The most obvious is in each strand of DNA unique.

A million monkeys, at a million typewriters, would require a million-billion years
Until a brief Shakespearean quote even once appears.

The hundreds of enzymes which are required for the formation of DNA
Are billions of times longer, more complex, and random than this unlikely monkey play…

The possibility of it coming together randomly is said to be one in ten with forty thousand zeros
Mathematically ‘impossible’ is anything with a likelihood of less than one in ten with fifty zeros

So it is wildly beyond the imagination, that life by itself could ever unfold.
Whether the universe is six thousand or fifteen billion years old.

Therefore who has the more irrational belief and who follows the straighter path.
He who accepts that there is a creator, or he who insists on this infinitely remote math.

And a simple question in response to those who says it is impossible to know:
Just how do they know that this is so?

An atheist once quipped that if one day he meets God his defense would be,
That he just wasn’t given enough evidence to clearly see.

But evidence is sufficient and there is even more upon request.
For when we knock with a truly open heart, God does the rest.

Another atheist once said that he wanted God to be a lie.
For then he would be free to pursue every dark perversion of his heart.

So if after you contemplate the evidence in favor of Jesus Christ
You still have ‘doubt, ’ then I would suggest that it is sin which has enticed

Your heart into the utopian conviction imagined by John Lennon.
With no God, no law or religion, and neither Hell nor Heaven.

“Isn’t it all just a walk on slippery rocks or a smile on a dog? ”
The Crow sings as it sits upon Camus’ dead and fallen log.

“I’m not aware of too many things
I know what I know, if you know what I mean”

That’s why Jesus declared that even if a dead man rose from the grave and went to his brothers
It would not be enough for them, if they had already ignored the prophecy of many others.

So though it may be as plain as day, not all will accept the truth with ease.
For it is not through seeing that one believes, but through believing that one sees.

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