Winds Of The Spirit Poem by Daniel Partlow

Winds Of The Spirit

Rating: 4.8

Why chase the wind, when you can become it?
Carry the Spirit, be its voice, though others try to dumb it.
Sing the song of joy, when others only hum it.
Be the resonating harmony as angels lift the harp and strum it.
Rising above the cities, and down to the waters plummet.
Across the barren deserts and up to the mountain summit.

In faith the intellect is overcome, the burden of the flesh eases.
For the winds are unfettered and go wherever the Spirit pleases.
At times in mighty gales, and at times in gentle breezes.
Some will join and come along, while others action freezes.
Some will hear and feel the power, others catch only sneezes.
So give flight and faith to your soul, and be born again in the spirit of Jesus.

Greenwolfe 1962 03 April 2008

This poem was very well written and constructed. You demonstrated an ability to rhyme and you communicated very well, which is the most important thing. GW62

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Vonda Overlie 24 April 2007

I will share this.......... This is amazing Daniel! ! ! I so loved it.... On eagles wings! ! ! ! !

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Michael Fischer 19 April 2007

Excellent poem. Well written and structured. The first line put my seatbelt on and the rest carried me for what was quite the ride. Good use of language and overall memorable. Thanks for sharing your art. -Michael

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Denis Martindale 11 April 2007

When Jesus said we must be born again, the meaning was that we should be reborn spiritually for the spirit of Man, once alive in Adam, died when sin was born. The Old Testament explains there would be a Redeemer or a Rescuer, a Saviour. In time, we learn that He would be cut off from the land of the living after severe persecution. Having seen the film, The Passion of the Christ, I can understand how vicious that suffering and death of Jesus should move the Spirit of God to accept His life in sacrifice for our sins. Even so, the Spirit who was within Christ was promised to His disciples after the resurrection of the Crucified Christ. The Day of Pentecost released spiritual ministries and miracles as the inheritance of what the Saviour had done. To this day, the Spirit moves upon the Earth, obedient to the will of the Heavenly Father. The gifts and fruits of the Spirit are still being shared and distributed. Each has the ministry that suits God's divine purposes. In time, more is expected of those who become mature in the faith. This poem increases our awareness of the spiritual realm. In essence, it is up to us to keep the faith yet not by the action of keeping it to ourselves, like misers with gold fever. Think of the heavenly prospects, forgiveness of sins, Christian ministry, caring and sharing, befriending without ending and the gift of eternal life. Who will hear God's Good News unless they are told? This is called the Great Commission. This is truly the greatest story ever told.

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