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Amen Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali - Poem by Daniel Partlow

In honor or Anglican Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali's recent comments on the welcomeness of everyone in the church (including homosexuals) , but the necessity of repentence from the sin (including homosexuality) I am re-publishing The Unsavory Salt Pillar Parade.

For anyone who is unclear,1st Cor.6: 9 states that homosexuals will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

A letter to the UCC, the Presbyterian, and Episcopal Churches sent on Pentecost 2006 based on Leviticus 18,20, Matthew 19,1st Corinthians 6,1st Timothy 1, Romans 1, Genesis 19.

Behold, the confused and sorry people of Sodom,
Profaning matrimony with heart, and tongue, and bottom,
Spreading the abomination of those who taught ‘em.
Join the repentance of all other sinners in this end-times autumn!

We have all been sinners in some respect,
So it is not only you who must reflect,
We all have some tragic pre-disposition to reject
God’s happy law, and from our redemption disconnect.

Both through nature and through nurture some succumb to greed.
Others bear a curse of violence; some apathetically ignore their neighbor’s plead.
Some have slothful, gluttonous, and promiscuous demons perverting them from normal need.
Let us all discover God’s love and plan, and from the bond of sin be freed.

It is not the repentant sinner that God hates.
It is the spread and promotion of evil the action inflates.
In pretending that sin is right, the soul degenerates.
Love demands the warning of our neighbor from entering Beliar’s estates.

The freedom to go on sinning is a pit, hypnotic, imaginary, and fake.
It is a blinding hood, a shackle. Let us help each other make a prison break.
God calls us to help each other avoid the traps of evil mistake
There is a better happier way: the Lord calls us to awake.

To be proud of sin is to claim ones sentence, shunning Jesus acquittal.
For what makes righteousness can never change, not even jot or tittle.
To demand acceptance of the sin by God and law is like abhorrent spittle
Who are we to second guess the Lord, and demand from Him admittle?

The experience of sin, in and of itself, can be overcome.
But, inviting, and causing others to sin is the reckless wrong of some.
It is the work of subversive evil minions, and let all faithful not be deaf and dumb.
We cannot let the bride of Christ, the church, be conquered and succumb.

For how will sinners know to repent, and in the blood of savior bath,
If even the church spreads lies, losing the blessings it had hath.
For whosoever sins and leads others down a hopeless futile path.
Will be the least in Heaven at best, and risk Almighty wrath.

For man is not judged and condemned by man, but by his own action and word.
To think modern man, either strong or meek, could justify the wrong is absurd
End thy denial, come to the light, profess the truth, let the good news be heard.
Freedom is there for the taking in the law, the love, the spirit, and the Word.

Guard against the yeasty sin infection – so we do not spread the affliction
Allowing it to fester – promoting it – it is simply contradiction.
The church’s faith in marketing apostasy to fill pews is a dangerous addiction.
Let us not allow anyone to betray our savior’s crucifixion.

Have we forgotten that something better than sin does await?
God has the strength to heal, and the reward is happy, perfect, and great.
Men and Women, do not fear or shun each other. Be patient, trust, respect, and wait.
For in the beginning……God made Man and Wife: eternal loving mate.

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