The Loneliness, The Pain, & The Agony Poem by Michael Smith

The Loneliness, The Pain, & The Agony

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What is this shady figure?
That follows me around.
Left to Right.
Every direction...
Even up & down.
Only Lord knows what it must be.
But till there's a light.
I may never see.
So the dark remains.
And continues to follow.
Once a wide road befores my eyes.
Now falls narrow.
There's something wrong.
This is way too soon.
Checking the clock.
It's not even noon.
The light should be here.
Protecting me from the dark.
But it doesn't show up.
So the dark still stalks.
The dark is still here.
Fogging up my view.
What's old still remains.
And what's new is now threw.
This is all of a sudden.
I tell myself: Why Me?
Expecting the light to return.
But I guess the dark is where I'm supposed to be.
The Loneliness, The Pain, & The Agony.
If only I was more accustomed to the light.
The dark would set me free.



i love this poem it is unique and well written. thank you for sharing! !

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Pandora Chaos 31 March 2008

WOW! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! i love this poem its amazing. im adding this poem 2 my favorite poems list. Keep writing and cant wait 2 read more of ur poems. ~TORN IN TWO BY THE 1 I LOVE~ A-K-A Victoria Emo Girl

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Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Baltimore, Maryland
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