/ All Hail To The Purple Race Poem by Janri Gogeshvili

/ All Hail To The Purple Race

Rating: 2.9

All hail to the purple race
That flutters from heaven
And the space beyond.
It is to bestow mercy
On us, on our kinsmen,
But it will descend
With tears and lament.

All hail to the purple race.
The scent of violets makes
Dizzy and drunk any lass,
And Love – the sacred feeling
Beautifies all
That is heavenly and thrilling…

All hail to the purple race.
“What nonsense! ”
May someone say.
That race annoys many,
Even the sages,
But is anyone told
About the ABC of the world?

All hail to the purple race
Favored buy the heavenly gift.
In our bodies that race will wait,
And take an earthly breath,
Then it will be
Altered and changed…

All hail to the purple race!
First of all, let’s be honest…
The life we strive for
Is the heavenly scent,
And the breath of the earth…

Subbaraman N V 28 January 2008

A beautiful poem which I enjoyed thoroughly! Probably original would have been more!

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Alancia Lebogang Mogorosi 23 January 2008

a beautiful poem. i wish i knew the language up there. i hear that poems sound even better in one's language. nice write.

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Janri Gogeshvili

Janri Gogeshvili

The Republic of Georgia.
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