Janri Gogeshvili

Rookie (1946; 31/I / The Republic of Georgia.)

Janri Gogeshvili Poems

1. The Baby’s Cry Squeezes Juice Out Of Grapes 10/25/2007
2. It Hides Its Innocent Look In The Fan… 10/26/2007
3. Sense Of Prestige Is A Peculiar Feeling 10/26/2007
4. The Bull 10/24/2007
5. The Thought – Hung Down In The Tear – As A Dream And Treason 10/26/2007
6. The Prince Fell For The Fair Maiden… 2/14/2008
7. The Sweet Grief 2/14/2008
8. The Knowledge Bestowed On Us By Heaven 2/14/2008
9. That Fragrance Resembled Faith 2/14/2008
10. The Burning Sweetness Of Those Lips… 2/18/2008
11. The Pain Will Gain The Smile… 2/18/2008
12. You Go Out And Behold The Divine Scenes… 2/18/2008
13. The Call 2/20/2008
14. The Water’s Wound Is Healed Slowly 2/20/2008
15. The Dizzy Outlaw 2/20/2008
16. Woman’s Lips Are Dead Without Kisses… 2/24/2008
17. The Sun Lulls The Human Spirit 2/24/2008
18. Just The Distinguished Recognize The Comers 2/24/2008
19. You’ve Nothing To Do With Wolves… 2/27/2008
20. With Willful Devotion… 2/27/2008
21. The Donkey Stands At The Gates… 2/27/2008
22. Why Are You So Aghast? 2/27/2008
23. The Façade Deceives Us Very Often… 2/27/2008
24. It Tired You Out And Didn’t Spare You… 3/4/2008
25. Some Build Their Temple On The Mountains… 3/4/2008
26. The Vaporous Wrath Melts In The Veins… 3/8/2008
27. One Of The Tombs Sends Out The Rays… 3/13/2008
28. You Cherish The Sky And Spit At The Ground… 3/13/2008
29. The Song Flew Into The Dream 3/13/2008
30. The Fearless Strain Keeps Vigil… 3/22/2008
31. You Haven’t Wasted The Gift For Ascension… 3/7/2008
32. She Winged The Flight Of Those Lines… 4/22/2008
33. She Flames, She Rejoices… 4/22/2008
34. The Background Of Dignity 4/30/2008
35. Life Dwells In Pain 6/10/2008
36. You Resemble A Bird Of Prey 7/4/2008
37. The Rainbow Of Races 8/10/2008
38. To 'The Friends' Lying In Ambush 8/31/2008
39. O God, Show Mercy… 10/17/2008
40. The “blitz Democrat” 12/9/2008

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Best Poem of Janri Gogeshvili

! At Last It Is Revealed…

It is revealed at last
That the downright
Have a helper,
That a needy and poor man
Is not always a beggar,
That God helps
The artless and upright,
Promising them
Radiance and light.

It is revealed at last
That a single warrior
Is helped by the forces –
The threats to the foe,
And that the unclad
But attired in grace
Are able to assault
The whole space…

It is revealed in the end
That the enemy
Turns into a friend –
Into a brother proud
Of his descent,
That God is
With the artless
And upright, ...

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The Call

To the astral image

It can’t caress and fondle you at present,
It is locked up in the bodily prison.
If only it gathered its strength,
And made you share its reasons!

It needs a miracle for your sake,
For your sake, it needs alteration.

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