Flirtation In The Internet Space Poem by Janri Gogeshvili

Flirtation In The Internet Space

Rating: 2.9

The bonfire of amours is burning…
Pun, emotion, and fire…
A stranger is winged by virtual kisses,
And by the distant desire.

The reckless aim clings to the lines,
From line into line flows the passion.
Some wish to be tempted by others,
Some, simply, adore temptation.
And they, excited and inspired,
Set the keyboard on fire…

Talent is revealed with flirtation,
The praise for the passion flows.
The girl is amused, suspicion arises,
Someone roams about in others’ souls…

The virtual world storms and rages,
The field of emotions is mined…
The dream sweeps in the dream,
And for the victim waits that “mine…”


Translated from Georgian

Vidi Writes 28 April 2008

What we find the least of in flirtation is love. Says Francois. I believe... In this imagery Internet world One needs be rational. Make distinctions Enjoy variety and verity. Poem stands out from the rest of today A Beacon-Light in the sea shore.

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rohit sapra 28 April 2008

Impressive writing. Internet is a space with lot of things and it's up to us which one we are searching for.

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R.k Das 28 April 2008

loved it, soace is a strange world, ther eis an interplay of virtual and real,

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Not a member No 3 20 September 2008

I think too many of us will recognise this scenario you so vividly portray Janri. The net is alive with raging/consuming emotion and you've managed to find the words to match that infectious fire.. not an easy task.. jim

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Victoria Dame 03 August 2008

You captured this pretend world with a wonderful display of talent. Thank you for sharing this with me!

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 07 June 2008

hmmm.............interesting yest it provides a way to vent feelings with the like minded around the globe wrappinig this beautiful world in this small box...good poem

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Roland Bastien 03 May 2008

You capture the illusion creates by the virtual world that keeps us away from accomplishment...thank you

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Abha Sharma 28 April 2008

from the virtual you sometimes get the real....a nice way of venturing into the space....passions train welcomed here....for the solace of the mind.... interesting to read.....

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Janri Gogeshvili

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