Go Ahead! Poem by Janri Gogeshvili

Go Ahead!

Rating: 2.7

Go ahead! Assault the space,
Tear up the tangles of your fate.
Your diligence will bear fruit,
If you’re kind to the untrue mate…

So what if he betrays you,
So what if he sets a trap!
You just soothe and console him,
Think him your “devoted friend.”

Come on! Assault the space,
Cheer up a coward and a weakling.
So what if he disappoints you,
And to your wounded shoulder he clings!

Go ahead! Assault the space… tell the sneak
You see his point… Be wise.
Tell him you know he was crushed by force
When they made him tell lies.

What so if he tells on you once more,
If he again lays fault at your door!
Some day he may be sorry, of course,
He may suffer the pangs of remorse…

Go ahead! Some day, all the treason
Shall be justified… mercy wins…
Each alibi will seem transparent,
“Forgive” will spread its wings…

Come on, and pierce the space,
And your grief will go sluggish…
The heart is still frank and sincere…
The respect for “fists” will flourish…


Translated from Georgian

Marvin Brato 16 January 2010

A classic write, meaningful and profound expression!

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Vidi Writes 25 April 2009

This is a most inviting call of life. Be with any... even enemy Its life afterall, we should learn to live with. Pardon, kidness, love and care These few values of life Will make a marked difference in how we live. Great Message. Thank you.

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Jolanta Gradowicz 27 February 2008

Thank you for this poem. I love its strenght and message. Wonderful.

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Janri Gogeshvili

Janri Gogeshvili

The Republic of Georgia.
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