* Life Was Dozing, The Lady-Bird Flew Over The Verge Of The Death Poem by Janri Gogeshvili

* Life Was Dozing, The Lady-Bird Flew Over The Verge Of The Death

Rating: 2.7

The world was dozing,
It was tired and worn.
“Man is supported by man,
A fence – by blackthorn! ”
That precept was well-known,
But entirely forgotten…alas!
The death, too, slumbered,
The day was colorless…

The guys remaining chums
By chance,
Had washed away all their talent
And all their heavenly donation,
Women and girls scattered in the streets
Were seized by the shameful passion.

Men wanted to whitewash themselves in solitude,
They craved for solitude, for isolation.
The current – slow, calm, but yet naughty,
Suppressed them… they were tied to the life,
They were tied by the bonds of obligation.

The world was taken ill with despair,
Roar was heard, all was alarmed,
Life was dozing… slumbered the world,
Over the verge of the death
Flew the ladybird.

Hope twinkled on that path,
Cosmic mists brought relief…
And the fables of the Doomsday
Were woven there –
Fate, Future, and Belief.

Kesav Easwaran 06 June 2008

the poem though its tone melancholy has been woven with super soft verbal fabrics by janri...its message unleashed slow and steady...gives a reading fully satisfactory

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Greenwolfe 1962 27 February 2008

I read your poems backward so this is the last I shall read today. This, however, is the best of them. You communicated a message here to all generations of mankind who are prepared to listen. A contribution to the spirit of the people of the world. GW62

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Janri Gogeshvili

Janri Gogeshvili

The Republic of Georgia.
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