Bri Mar

'' All Of Our Differences Could Then Be Addressed '' - Poem by Bri Mar

Children are our future we need to treat them well,
Ignore their aspirations and we'll send them straight to Hell,
If we show them they're important in life they will excel,
It's up to us to make them feel the best.

Treat them with disdain and you'll get your just reward,
What they will then do is not fit in with our accord,
We'll then ask them why all us adults are abhorred,
They'll tell us we have got them all depressed.

Children just like adults are full of self creation,
Praise is just one small thing which fills them with elation,
They'll then look to the future with great anticipation,
We must never ever make them feel oppressed.

It's we who are responsible for everything they learn,
Respect is truly mutual it's a gift we both must earn,
If we make a pact that for each other we'll show concern,
Then that will be the ultimate bequest.

They will be our guardians in the coming years ahead,
Treat them wisely now and we'll stand them in good stead,
We must ensure their future isn't filled with dread,
That's exactly how you and I progressed.

By working hand in hand we can become a great duet,
The lessons we have taught them we pray they won't forget,
If we've gave them wisdom then you can safely bet,
We'll more than gladly have them as our guest.

Though we won't admit it we give each other pleasure,
We love the interaction both in equal measure,
Watching them succeed is like finding your lost treasure,
We love to see our actions have impressed.

Bridging the generation gap that should be our mission,
If only we could admit that we both need recognition,
If towards each other we could maybe show contrition,

‘' All Of Our Differences Could Then Be Addressed ‘'

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 13, 2012

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