'' All In Your Mind '' Poem by Bri Mar

'' All In Your Mind ''

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Who am I, what am I, why am I here,
As you accumulate knowledge all will become clear,
You ask, ‘' Who Am I '' be it daughter or son,
Remember you're unique the only one.

Throughout your existence all life you must treasure,
When you think, I am me, it will give you pleasure,
Only you can decide who you will be,
Take a look in the mirror who is it you see.

You can be what you want regardless of others,
Respect your ideals bad influence smothers,
By listening and digesting much more will be learned,
Discard all evil and respect you'll have earned.

Whatever you're told do not always believe,
The truth will lie more in what you perceive,
Choices you make now and throughout your life,
Will determine if living is with joy or strife.

Family are precious as are good friends,
Ensure their relationship never ends,
True allies are scarce so please be aware,
If you keep them close for you they'll be there.

You will come across others whose aim is to change,
How you are swayed is for you to arrange,
Evil will follow your life from afar,
If you stay true to yourself you'll find out,

Who You Are

You ask, ‘'What Am I'' you're a human being,
Don't ever believe that you are all seeing,
You're here for a reason and like it or not,
What you will be can never be bought.

Learn all you can and to yourself stay true,
If you ignore this lesson chaos will ensue,
There will be those who will try to deceive,
If you allow them their corruption they'll weave.

Our views are for sharing but if you remain wise,
You'll recognise truth and dispel any lies,
You have your own mind and you have a choice,
Think before speaking there's trouble in voice.

Actions have consequences they have a knock on effect,
Think of all others show them respect,
Go through your options with careful precision,
Be aware of the outcomes before making that decision.

When the time comes to make them be fully aware,
Those choices you make will show if you care,
Always admit it when mistakes are made,
That is how sound foundations are laid.

By showing compassion giving others a chance,
You will feel fulfilment your life you'll enhance,
Try to judge yourself from afar,
If you like what you see you will know,

What You Are.

It's now time to ask, ‘' Why Am I Here '',
This is a question you need never fear,
You're here because of two loving people,
Whose love climbed higher than the tallest steeple.

By sharing this passion with you they were gifted,
Their life was complete their spirits were lifted,
You gave them a reason to love forever,
Their bond for you nothing can sever.

Their love is a gift which is not one way,
Your respect for them will forever stay,
Their aim in life now is for you to succeed,
You will if you're honest and never mislead.

We all long for happiness that's why we're living,
It's not all about taking it's also about giving
So never be preoccupied by the lure of vast wealth,
It's far more important to look after your health.

As your knowledge grows you'll learn about love,
One day you'll find out it's a gift from above,
When you meet the right person then true love will flow,
That awesome feeling will bring on a glow.

As you then mature and your life's unfurled,
You will learn yes this can be a wonderful world,
Those answers you've sought I'm sure you'll now find,
Are no longer a mystery they are,

'' All In Your Mind ''

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