All That You Have Longed For Poem by Spiritwind Wood

All That You Have Longed For

Rating: 5.0

There are things in life you fear
dreams you hold and watch disappear
there are days filled with sorrow
that sometimes you only dread
the light of another tomorrow
but there remains a voice in your head
telling you to hold on and don't let go
better days are sure to come your way
there are times of sadness with every tear
and you only wish that you were never here
because the pain you feel is too much
and you don't know if more you can bare
but inside you feel a longing touch
that gives you comfort and peace of mind
and brings to life a burning soul
that for so long has only felt dead
reminding you that you can make it
through just one more day
sometimes you think this world is unfair
you just want to close your eyes to forget
all that has fallen apart and blown away
left with memories you only regret
that you just keep running going nowhere
because you just can't take anymore
but listen to what the heart will say
look inside yourself and there you will find
what has kept you running blind
choose another new path to follow
and all that you have longed for
everything you needed will be waiting there
Spiritwind ©2015

Friday, February 6, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: faith
* Sunprincess * 28 March 2016

...a perfect ending :) .... absolutely beautiful..taking another path is a wonderful idea ♡

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Lyn Paul 06 February 2015

Great heartfelt words. Thank you

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