Spiritwind Wood Poems

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A Cherokee Prayer

I pray to the great spirit
guide me through this pain
this world conflicts
show me a world that holds no lies

A Reason

Picture's of you in a evening gown
lost like a king without his crown
here I am, I abide
some day for you to be by my side

No Peace Anymore

All the troubles and wars
blood spills and pours
this is the times of revelation
that we destroy all creation

Crystal's In The Sand

See the lonely man
sitting out there alone
stuck inside a memory
watching the storm roll on in

I'M Free

Don't grieve for me
for now I am free
I'm following the path
God has laid for me

After All

This is the end
together we walk away
time finally giving us the answer
to a question so many times asked

Native American Pride

Equa Adanvdo adanedi aya hia nvlinegvgv Yv uduladi nudale iga
(Great Spirit give me the strength I need another day)
nashi Yv anasgvti adasehede anisoi
(that I may guide others)

Generations Of Nations

I watched tears fall from the sky
as they fell to the ground
a thousand tears
I seen her cry

And The Heavens Cried(Trail Of Tears)

You could see the clouds
rolling across the sky
as the day started to rain
teardrops of blood across the land

White Wolf

She was the one and only indian girl
all that was left in her tribe
she gave so much in her world
a love you could'nt describe

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