Generations Of Nations Poem by Spiritwind Wood

Generations Of Nations

Rating: 5.0

I watched tears fall from the sky
as they fell to the ground
a thousand tears
I seen her cry
as she washed away
a time that keeps changing
and it's changed you and me
still she never made a sound

Another hundred years
will soon pass on by
and generations of nations
will soon come to a fall
as we lose it all

The coming of a new dawn
brings in a different day
what was lost today
can never be found
you turn around
all you knew will be gone

So you hide in your mind
memories of yesterday
open doors to find
a world you can't rewind
when love was at peace
and two hearts beat as one

* Sunprincess * 11 October 2015

......many tears means much love was felt ★

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 04 October 2009

when love was at peace when two hearts beat as one....a lovely 'when'...lovely poem with a beautiful thought and flow....10

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Jean Dament 26 September 2009

I really enjoyed reading this beautiful poem that has warmth & a great flow to it. Thanks for sharing. Ravensong

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Tai Chi Italy 26 September 2009

I really enjoyed both your poems SW! To both, i can safely say, IT's just the way love is. Smiling at you Tai

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Dan Leaver 26 September 2009

I really like this one. Great job

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