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I pray to the great spirit
guide me through this pain
this world conflicts
show me a world that holds no lies

Picture's of you in a evening gown
lost like a king without his crown
here I am, I abide
some day for you to be by my side

All the troubles and wars
blood spills and pours
this is the times of revelation
that we destroy all creation

See the lonely man
sitting out there alone
stuck inside a memory
watching the storm roll on in

Don't grieve for me
for now I am free
I'm following the path
God has laid for me

This is the end
together we walk away
time finally giving us the answer
to a question so many times asked

Equa Adanvdo adanedi aya hia nvlinegvgv Yv uduladi nudale iga
(Great Spirit give me the strength I need another day)
nashi Yv anasgvti adasehede anisoi
(that I may guide others)

I watched tears fall from the sky
as they fell to the ground
a thousand tears
I seen her cry

You could see the clouds
rolling across the sky
as the day started to rain
teardrops of blood across the land

She was the one and only indian girl
all that was left in her tribe
she gave so much in her world
a love you could'nt describe

Tortured eyes...I can't see
as my soul burns in a flame
of cold misery
darkness in a land

There are things in life you fear
dreams you hold and watch disappear
there are days filled with sorrow
that sometimes you only dread

Just a boy, not yet a man
only seven-teen
lived life to his fullest
happy as you could have seen

Everybody needs to take a chill pill
there's so much love to fill
everybody needs to take a chill pill
let these wounds heal

I walk a path only few will tread
on a journey I shall not fear
like those who stood before me
a Warrior I will stand tall

In the cold of the night
through the glittering white
of a winter's falling snow
your love shines on me a light

I once had a wise old indian
look at me and say
life is what you make of it son
and it just has yet begun

Do not judge or condemn me
for this is who I am
I'm exactly who our Creator
said He wanted me to be

I want to be the one
you forever write my name
in the sand
and lay in fields

We walked together side by side
with your hand in mine
through the Spirit of the Autumn Moon
in the air fell a nightly chill

Spiritwind Wood Biography

I wanted to see who best described me for my biography, well no one says it better than this...'What would I say about Spiritwind? He is a Spirit in a human body.He is a friend, he is my best friend.The things that inspire him are there for all of us, just most don't see the beauty as he does.Nature is his home.The winds run through him like blood in his veins, the desert is as much a part of him as his heart, his mind, and his soul.Life for Spiritwind is a path laid out before him that runs like the river, he's had many mountains to cross.Yet each journey holds a mystery, each trail an unexpected adventure, every sunrise, even through tears and laughter, he finds beauty.What he cannot express in talk, flows out on paper, a beautiful imagery of words and feelings.In his poems and songs I can feel his joys and his sorrows, his passion for animals and nature, his kindness for all creatures.There is a energy about him that encircles him and begins to trickle onto paper until it pools into a beautiful poem.He truly does walk gently and lives gently in a not so gentle world.And when the road gets rough, to quote the groovy Bob Dylan himself, he 'keeps on keeping on'.Always eager to see what's over the next hill.I've laughed with him in the rain, danced with him under rainbows, and cried with him in the shadows of the moon.As long as he travels this life, he will find inspiration.When the sun sets, it's glowing embers all but sunk into the sea, he will be there waiting for tomorrow, and full of thoughts of the day that just may later come a song..a windsong'-Violet Blue.I'm Cherokee/German, but my heart and soul belong with my ancestors, the Cherokee.There I will always be a Spiritwind, to love and protect our sacred.KEEP THE MUSIC ALIVE! ! ! And remember, 'WALK GENTLY ON MOTHER EARTH', she's the only one we have! ! ! ! ! NVWATOHIYADV! (PEACE!) ..ADANVDOGANOLVVSGV(Spiritwind) (He that sins against me, wrongs his soul-all they that hate me, love death.))

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A Cherokee Prayer

I pray to the great spirit
guide me through this pain
this world conflicts
show me a world that holds no lies
that treats us like convicts
abandoned by society
in a world we once walked so free

Show me a setting sun
where blood never flows
like rivers turned red
where another one dies
underneath these blood red skies

Guide me through this land so dead
where visions stay in my head
teach me things nobody knows
when this day is gone
and all has come undone

Give me the strength I need
to make this a better place
when my people bleed
from this world falling from grace

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Geraldine Carista 06 July 2014

I Have Only Had The Pleasure Of Reading 2 Of Your Poems Mr. Spiritwind Wood But You Now Have Another Fan, , I Am Part Native American And Your Poems Truly Touched My Heart, , I Look Forward To Reading Even More Of Your Work, , Thank You...

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Scotty Dogg 16 February 2012

I'll write your Bio for you if you want. Don't even tell me your info. It'll be better that way. Dogg

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moon dust 17 November 2009

I've been a fan of yours for years! Good you are sharing your thoughts with the world!

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