Almost Paradise Poem by Tatianna Rei Moonshadow

Almost Paradise

Rating: 4.8

I'm looking into Heaven, as I'm looking into your eyes
Its like every time I look at you, I melt down inside

Every barrier I've put up, you've so easily torn down
Your voice is such a perfect melody, I blush at the sound

I can't seem to pull away, you've got me held so tight
Wrapped around your finger, I couldn't unwind myself if I tried

Now I'm standing here with you, in the morning sun's light
And I can't help but think, this is almost paradise

Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 31 March 2008

you had almost reaching paradise...........

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Jon Alan 15 September 2007

I have just decided to read your first four listed poems. The passion in your heart is so very evident, I envy your passion. You seem to be, at times, very self-depricating, yet in the fourth poem, 'Almost Paradise' another side of your delightful and comlex personality emerges. I sense hurt and rejection perhaps in the overall feeling in the first three poems, though correct me if I am wrong, but that fourth poem is also beautiful, and such a different image of you is revealed, happy and content. I love what I have discovered and read so far. I must say, in terms of the struggles of lovers, you very clearly and succerssfully, from a poetic point of view, express your darker and more tender side in those first three poems (I'll be more specific in later comments) , such that the fourth poem suddenly reveals a different person. Through this weekend I'll be more specific, it's just that I wanted to get a quick flavor for your style and your self tonight (2: 07am eastern usa time) before I dive into the plentitude and diversity of your many poems throughout my readings this weekend. Thank you so much for taking the lead in commenting on my poem when you did, you gave me a gift of confidence, and a second gift, getting to know you and being able to reach into your soul and spirit through your poems. Have a wondeful weekend, jon alan

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John Doe 05 September 2007

I love all of your poems, they seem so........well emotional.

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