Alone... Poem by YURI DURAAN


Rating: 3.0

I woke up one night because
I heard you call...
I answered the night
but the night was still

I walked by the river and
heard you whisper to me...
I cried to the water
but the echo was empty

I stood by your grave and
felt your breath on my face...
I wept on the stone
but you were still gone

I remembered a time when
we had laughed together...
and this memory is what I'll
hold onto in my heart forever


Deeply touching. A pensive piece that lingers on the mind. t x

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Nina Solomon 12 January 2008

Wow. It moved me. =)

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Dr.subhendu Kar 14 March 2008

remniscence when wakes the heart by its tunes.........poignantly curved by the luscious imagery yet through ingenuity,10/10, thanks for sharing

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Bob Blackwell 20 April 2008

Memories of laughter, of love of moments cherished are worth remembering as moments in time. Bob

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Peter Patriae 20 April 2008

Very moving words. I feel your loss.

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Birbal Singh 01 January 2018

Heart touching poem.

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rohit sapra 22 September 2008

This poem is really very nice as the way it describes is really very nice since the words have been placed with deep thoughts.

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 06 June 2008

Hello my friend and how are you. What a beautiful and sad poem, full of emotion and passion. Great read, Loyd

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~ Jon London ~ 11 May 2008

Very strong poem, powerful emotions through out..well composed. Thank you for sharing best wishes Jon.

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John Tiong Chunghoo 21 April 2008

yuri, the poem is superb only that i feel the last few lines can be improved to give it more intensity. that's only what i feel. fine poet.

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