Alone In A Castle (Part Two)

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A cold wind blows the trees,
Shadows blacken the sky.
There's a falling of Autumn leaves.
The princess lies down to cry.

She waits in a castle dark,
Where the sun can never shine.
She recalls a fire of sparks.
Relives a taste of wine.

They watched the flowers grow.
They witnessed the sea roll past,
But then he had to go...
And she is alone at last.

They made the world their own.
They created a destiny,
But they shall always be alone.
True love is but a fantasy.

As she waits for a glimpse of him,
She remembers how it used to be.
Although her chances are very slim,
She prays for what could be.

Inside her deepest heart,
She recalls the words he must never hear,
That living without him,
Is her greatest and deepest fear.

She thinks of him with admiration,
For bravely he has shielded her of pain.
He was her first and only love...
Now her life is clouded by rain.

She thinks of all the special times,
When they swam together side by side,
And the stars glowed so bright,
In the dark sky so wide.

Memories of their laughter,
Still lingers in the trees,
Where clear blue water flows,
Upon the restless, stormy seas.

Alone in the serene twilight,
The princess sits to reminisce,
To think of every moment,
To recall every kiss.

If only he had known,
Before he had said good-bye,
That lost without his love,
The princess shall forever cry.

And if only he had known,
He had left a part of himself behind,
In a little son so like his father,
Who will revive the sun to shine.

Charmaine Simpson 31 August 2006

This completed it for me Lesa - I have a son - the one person I have loved and believe will always love - is the father of my child. I am unable to let go of everything we once shared. This poem is amazing - beautiful - sad - perfect. Charmaine x

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Preeti - is here! 10 July 2006

WOW! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I loved the imagery. Gosh..its as if i am the princess here....atleast the princess has the biggest rememberance! ! Preets

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James S. 08 July 2006

Part 2 just as amazing as the first! I love your poems. You use your words to paint the perfect picture for what your trying to say. I do believe i'm inlove with you after reading that! Incredible job. :)

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Patricia Gale 07 July 2006

BRAVO! I bow to you, your imagery fantastic, leaving behind the biggest memory! Her love never to fade now! OUTSTANDING!

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Davency Leroy 07 July 2006

OH MY! LOve it! ! ! ! ! (The imagery is perfect)

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