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Always Time

Rating: 3.0

Purple, red, silver
Golden threads of time,
Why do you pass so slow?
Why do you create things
That I know will pass away?
Why do you hide my death,
Out there past the horizon?
Why are you so indifferent, so cold
Always ticking, moving away,
Always drying my tears, and

Draining my joy? My possibilities
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Nasra Al Adawi 08 March 2005

The idea is amazing...Thank you for sharing this poem with us

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dissatified exmember 06 March 2005

I always say. It's us that makes ourselves cry. Other can try but we don't have to let them succeed. You got my 10 for a very good poem, even if I don't agree with the message. Bugger em..They won't make me cry, no matter how hard they try. Hugs Jan.

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Michael Shepherd 06 March 2005

Fine, restrained, deep - you're on a roll, Sandra!

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Allan James Saywell 04 March 2005

Time it is time to slow down, give me more time for myself, the rolling stones sang a song, it was called time is on my side, it doesn't apply to the stones anymore, there new single 'time is running out' Warm regards Allan

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