Always Tomorrow Poem by jim foulk

Always Tomorrow

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There's always tomorrow
when you feel like giving up,
and from another day, you can borrow.

When sorrows come your way,
so confused that,
it makes you sway.

Always someone worse than you,
today may be depressing,
but tomorrow will be brand new.

Time heals all wounds,
each day will get better,
and you'll see many moons.

There's always tomorrow,
so don't give up,
and you'll another day borrow.

Heather Wilkins 05 June 2013

Sometimes we feel like giving up, but we must continue down the road of life. Looking for tomorrow. a lovely write.

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Anabel just Anabel 07 March 2007

nice! ! really nice! ! ! and it is really important for everyone to understand there IS always a tomorrow! !

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Charley60 K 31 December 2006

A very good write, and good outlook you have.....I am hoping that I can remember this as well. Sometimes things are so full of what's in front of us, like my depression at times-that I can't see beyond that day or even an hour. Thank you for sharing.

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Ashley Kelly 16 December 2006

I really like your poems and i love tht u commented mine...thank you so much

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jim foulk

jim foulk

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