Am I Happy?

Am I Happy?

The best things in life come in the form of simple thoughts. Today afternoon, I felt something beautiful. It made me think. Is happiness as we perceive what it is? Or is it beyond what we really think it is? I really don't think I have an answer at this point, so let me pen it down.

Being a researcher in science makes me happy. I am happy when I get some notable results. I am happy when I publish in high impact journals. But am I truly happy?

Being in Singapore makes me happy. I live in one of the most developed countries of the world. I have limitless access to technology and resources. I enjoy the ease of life this country has to offer. But am I truly happy?

I am married and a mother of a 2 year old. My family means the world to me. My son laughs and plays all day. His laughter fills my heart. It makes me feel alive. But am I truly happy?

Often the obvious is not what really makesus happy. Can my research give me the same happiness if not acknowledged or not productive? I find my happiness when it is applied to fields that make science more interesting or beautiful. I feel happy when it leads to products that people around me can access and use.
Similarly, being in a developed country brings more happiness when you feel that vibrance all around. You feel your happiness in the eyes of all you meet. Making my child happy gives me true happiness. I do all sorts of crazy things (like all mothers do!) to bring a smile on his face. So is my happiness truly due to him laughing, rather than me being happy?

I think, YES!

Happiness is not only about what or how you feel. Finding happiness in making others happy brings true happiness. It doesn't cost much to do so, but if you can you will witness and feel something very beautiful.
It makes you selfless, it makes you human!

(Dedicated to my dear friends Jeena and Bansan who inspired me to write this!)

Inspired by Jeena and Bansan!
Me Poet Yeps Poet 01 May 2020

MA; AM THIS IS A RESEARCH PAPER HARDLY A POEM HAPPINESS IS A STATE OF MIND YOU FEEL HAPPY AT SMALL THINGS like the laughter of your two years old child I am glad you are laughing as the world CORONA VIRUS IS CHASING Keep the spirits high read my so many happiness poems do try You will also happiness bring to my partially blind eyes

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