Am Leaving Poem by gloria wekesa

Am Leaving

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I have to do this, but I don’t know why,
I just know I have to do it,
I have to find myself, I have to know
Who I am.
If I don’t do this I will never know,
And I can’t live with that,
I have to do it.

I am sorry I was not honest with
I made you believe I loved you when
I did not.
I care for you so deeply and love you
But I don’t love you enough and if
I stay I will hurt you and I cannot
Bear to do that to you.

I did love you but I just did not love you
I have so many doors I need to close and those that I need to open to
Find out who I am
And I cannot take you with me
On this journey of discovery
Because then I will not fully understand who I am
And I need to understand this so badly.

You are a very good person and I don’t
Know why I never fell in love with you
We are supposed to love the good people
Right? I have no answer to this question.
You are very good and that is why I am leaving you,
Because you deserve more, much much more
Than what I can offer you.

Your love is not enough for the both of us,
It will finally become a burden and you will hate me for it,
I cannot let you hate me because even though I was never
In love with you I have always loved you.
My life right now is in shambles, I need to pick it up and make
It right before I can let anyone in it.

If you were meant to be with me then you will be one day,
But for now am not sure who is right or wrong in my life.
And that’s why am letting you
Am so sorry, I hope one day you will understand
And forgive me.

Edward Kofi Louis 17 December 2008

A very nice piece of work written.Thank you for sharing it with us that, we may learn from you as well.Bye. Edward Kofi Louis.

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Sarwar Chowdhury 25 September 2008

oh touchy expression! once felt love cant erase out from memory. Is turn off is really turn off! ? anyway- 10++++++++

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